Thursday, December 23, 2004

a love story

It all began like any other. A simple “hello.” But
deep inside his heart he knew that it was the
beginning of what’s going to be a very special
relationship. They had millions of things in common.
From a simple mannerism to their everyday life style
they shared the same thoughts and feelings.
He migrated in the U.S. and solely vacated where he
was born and raised. He didn’t plan to stay there for
long but after meeting her, the plan was
instantaneously changed.
She joined the choir that was friends of his since he
was a kid. They were introduced at a birthday party
and established friendship. Laughter, sweetness and a
bit of arrogance were his sword that won her heart
eventually. The world tried so hard to separate both
of them but his willfulness and stubbornness conquered
her desire and warmth. That’s when the real “magic”
began. “JEM 286” was born.
They were virtually inseparable. Love was in the air
and it seemed as if they inhaled every bit of it and
exhaled just the scraps. “Time” was close at hand
reminding them that it wouldn’t be long till he has to
leave. So they made each day “magical.” They created
wonderful memories. Memories that will last in his
heart for all time. Memories that will be treasured
and cherished.
All the bags were packed and loaded in his friend’s
van. She stayed with him throughout the night, talked
about how amazing his vacation was and all those
wonderful time they shared. She sang his favorite song
to him with a passionate voice but neither of them
dared cast off tears. Most of his close friends were
with him on the way to the airport. They sang
astounding love songs that made the tears impossible
to hold back. He tried so hard to suppress the tears
and did it. They exchanged goodbyes both being strong.
Then she asked him, “When are you coming back?” He
sighed and hugged her again and replied, “I won’t be
long, my love!” she kissed him on the lips and said,
“I’ll be waiting for you, sweetie!”

“Distance” didn’t stop him from loving her madly. He
emailed her millions of time each day that he was
away. He called her every time he could. “I miss you,
sweetie!” was the common title of each email until one
day it said, “I’m so happy. I’m floating on cloud
nine!” He broke her the news and told her that he’s
coming back. Exuberance hastily built up in his heart.
He was so anxious to see her. The thought of being
with her in his arms gave him an “emotional bliss.” He
did everything he could to make it happen. He turned
the world upside down so he could see her once again.
He overcame every obstacle that went in his way just
to be with her. Love was the only thing he acted upon.
It was his goal and to achieve it was the ultimate
He was so sweet that he lied to her and told her the
wrong day of his arrival. He wanted to surprise her
and so he did. A month of being away from her only
increased the amount of love that filled his heart.
And finally being able to hug her and kiss her again
gave him a perpetual bliss.
BUT… the time when they were apart, she decided to go
abroad, somewhere in Asia. The reality was, he’s only
going to be with her for a few weeks. After what he
had gone through, he expected to be with her for the
rest of her days in the P.I. Except she didn’t. She
was “sent” to the province by her parents and stayed
there for a more than a week. He was devastated yet
was so blindly in love with her. He called her every
night and told her how he misses her. She’d call him
every time she could even early in the morning telling
him how bad she’s longing for him. Eventually she came
back and spent time with him.
The eve of her departure came so they spent the whole
day together despite of the disapproval of her
parents. Again they showed strength and didn’t let any
tears fall. She asked him not to drop her off at the
airport in fear that she might not leave at all. So he
just gave her the gift that he wanted her to have. A
heart shaped glass imprinted the definition of love
and a beautiful little angel to guide her at all

He watched her leave and forced a smile. He’s eyes
were dry but deep within his heart was an ocean of
tears. They both knew that seeing each other soon or
even was out of the question. And there’s a
possibility that they might not see each other again.
She said goodbye to her family and friends not once
dropping tears. But when she sat in the airplane and
looked at the gift saying “I LOVE YOU!”, she broke
down and cried. The dam of tears was filled and
collapsed spilling everything down her cheeks. *sigh*

Not having access to the Internet, she mailed him
letters almost everyday. He replied twice even three
times on every letter she wrote to him. She tried to
call him weekly but was only successful with at least
twice a month. He was so in love with her that he
plainly looked at the positive side. He was
optimistic. But reality will soon strike him and be
Several months had passed. Letters and phone calls
were getting fewer by the time. They both tried and
tested the water. He was honest to her. He told her
everything up to the last detail. “Cheat” came to his
mind but “Love” was still greater than “It.”
He received a phone call one night. The person was
sobbing and crying on the phone. He knew and felt that
it was her before he even said hello. Somehow he also
felt that something bad was about to be told. She
wants out! *sigh*
She was so confused and saddened. She couldn’t tell
him that she’s pregnant with another guy. Instead, she
held dear the conversation she had with him. He tried
to make her laugh and she did. They talked for hours
but she "only" told him, “ANOTHER GUY.” His heart
literally stopped for a moment and felt as if it fell
on the floor. He didn’t say anything. Finally, he
asked her if she wanted him to let her go. She
answered, “YES! NO! YES! I DON’T KNOW!” He was still
sweet to her not knowing the “fact” but somewhat
feeling the fact. He told her to think about it for a
few days. He said, “I’m going to call you a couple of
days from now for the answer, okay, sweetie?” He had
to think about it too. He was still so in love with
her and refused to look at the fact. She didn’t tell
him but he felt something. Deep inside, “truth” was
letting itself be seen but he was too stubborn to see
it until……
It was the 14th of February, Valentine’s day when her
phone rang. She let it rang for a few times then
finally picked it up. Neither of them said hello nor
utter words for a few minutes but they knew that it
was each other. He broke the silence and asked her,
“Do you know that I love you?” Once again his eyes
were dry looking at her picture but his heart was
overflowing with tears. She replied, “Do you?” Tears
came down her cheeks a gallon a second. He answered,
word again for a minute and then he said, “YOU’RE
FREE!” He didn’t ask her what was wrong nor if she
wanted to be set free. He simply told her “you’re
The conversation only lasted less than 5 minutes.
Neither of them slept that night. He was alone, went
to the rooftop and looked at the star he called “JS”
(his star). She was crying her eyes out while being
with this other guy talking about what they should do.

Despite of the "Drama," he wished to God that he could
be there with her and be her shoulder to cry on and
lean on and tell her that everything will be all
Realizing what just happened, he tried to call her
again. But he couldn’t reach her because she turned
off her cell phone. He tried millions of times until
just before sunrise when her phone finally rang. She
already knew that it was him. He tried to get her back
but it was no use. She came back to the Philippines a
week after the last conversation but they never saw
each other again. even up to now

He met millions of girls and did what he could always
do, “get girls”. He covered his melancholy with a
cheerful smile. He hid everything underneath his mask.
Nobody knew what was hidden inside his heart, not even
the “friends” that's close to him. He was teased by
“time”, slapped by “fate” and robbed by “distance.”
“Grief” was the only thing he felt and known.

They got a hold each other several months later via
email. But it was too late. He’s already back in the
U.S. and she was married with a forthcoming baby.
He was still very much in love with her and told her
the truth via email. She replied that He was the best
thing that ever happened to her.

*Every story has a beginning and an end. Some stories
are lucky they never end. Some stories are sorrowful,
tragic, poignant, sad and even dull. Some are opposite
of those. But most stories begin “pleasingly.”
Nonetheless, some of them don’t end up as people
please. Our story began “enchantingly.” “Bold” I might
add. But IT split apart. Hers began anew with a
husband and a baby named "EJ" while mine got stuck in
the “drama” part. Part of me still hope that IT can
begin once again and wishing that I could edit my own
story instead of “FATE” deciding what should happen to

Long distance relationship seldom works. Embrace it
with all your might while it's within your reach. But
be prepared to let it go when FATE chooses to take it
What made ours special was that I gave my whole heart
sincerely to her and didn’t expect anything in return.
That’s real LOVE.

true story of a wonderful and coolguy "JM"