Wednesday, November 28, 2007

home sweer home

it's a long travel from baguio to ilocos takes us 6 hours on the road. We leave left baguio around 3 in the morning and we arrived there past 9am later than expected, coz along the way, we experienced traffic due to road constructions. And when we arrived there, at San Nicolas, my hometown, well we have to look a place for us to eat, we searched for McDonalds hehe, we kinda lost, coz we don't know where 356 plaza is, actually it's newly constructed estbalishment, and it's nice a place, to a town like my town, shakeys was also there. It's like a mall actually but it's not.

We went there too, fix some papers, particularly my name, wwhooaaa what in a name!!! Parents should teach their child to write their name properly especially when you give them 2 or more names, coz they might experienced the same thing. And it's really difficult to wait for people to sign those papers needed. Actually I waited for priest and bishop, coz I need them. Ironically, I thought that those people working at the Bishop Palace are nice, at least nicer than me hehehe, but I was wrong, they like a pittbull ready to fight duh!!!

I was expecting to see my old friend during high school but it's so sad that, I texted a friend, but she reply who you? So I told her, it;'s me and no reply, hehehe that's life. The irony is I saw a friend from college yeheyyy!!!!! She's from Candon but working in Laoag right now, good thing isn't it?

Uhm that's life, a long travel and sometimes you stumble to people that annoys you, makes you smile and part of your life. Oh! I forgot to mention, I saw Cynthia, a friend also but younger and we went to same high school.

home sweer home.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

as usual

ang magulo kong utak ngayon....(lagi naman hehehe)

noong nakaraang lunes, pinanood ko yong noypi ikaw ba ito, parang news magazine na docu na tumatalakay kung ano talaga ang pinoy. survey type show na naka-hide yong camera and last monday episode is about being true to the one you love, syempre target mga lalaki, thou tapos na kasi i-survey mga babae, and i think it's not in the gender at all ang pagiging infidelity ng isang tao kundi nasa characteristic pa rin. Just a side comment lang although tama naman ang host sa sinabi niyang "kung mahal mo ang isang tao, sasaktan mo ba?" well so many explanations for me on that matter, kasi kahit hindi mo mahal ang isang tao, WALA KA PA RIN KARAPATANG SAKTAN ITO di ba?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

pros n cons

kung may good may bad, may maganda may hindi maganda, kung may left may right, sa lahat naman ng bagay ay meron option, may choice ka.

kaninang umaga, nag-dive celfon ko sa tubig dahil nilaro ng pamangkin ko, nanay ko kasi gumagamit non para kapag naghatid ng bata ay matawagan naman siya. Kaso yon nga nagdive huhu. Medyo masama loob ko kasi pinaghirapan ko naman yon, pero alam ko sad din yong niece ko (4 years old lang siya) so isip ko na lang na pabayaran ko sa ate ko hehehe, so i texted her.

i thought tuloy-tuloy na ang pagka-kulot ng buhok pero like I said, meron kabaliktaran ang lahat I mean there's always 2 sides in everything, may pros and cons, and awhile ago, I figure something good, thou not that good, but I feel good about it, a friend whom I am not in good terms with, I saw him, we don't spoke with each other but still, a sign of something good to happen.

pangalawang beses ng nangyari ito, and I leave it all on the hands of the Father, I love God and I trust Him, maybe today is not yet the time, but I trust the Lord with respect to this situation.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Do you believe in destiny? sometime we have this attitude that we just believe into something untill and unless it will happen to us. We often connotes destiny into something that, even if we are not searching for love, love will find us at the perfect moment with the right person. But sometimes, destiny will be useless if we don't act on it. It's a 50/50 act and fate for me.

When I was In first year college, we have a subject general psychology, I've learned a lot in that subject, but most of them are forgotten haha, I thought I have a large hippocampus at that time. But our professor once told us that, dreams can happen in the future, something like a dejavu. So she advice that try to write down dream and your activity, reason in writing down the activity,( coz it's sounds like a diary) is that we might just have a "rebound effect"

So I try that, some happens and some are not. But I have this dream that disturbing me and it's noy just happen once, it's somewhat a continuous dream. There's this man, of course I don't know him, the only thing I saw is him but cannot recognize him, but I know that I was attached to this guy, the only thing I don't understand is that, he's lonely. I don't know why. When I dream of him again, he's crying, and the only thing I could do is to hug him.

I was just thinking, if destiny do exist, is he my destiny? But why is he crying? Maybe because he has not yet found me and vice versa hahaha.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Kaninang umaga, habang naglalakad ako papunta sa sakayan ng jeep papunta sa work, I busied myself thinking, (which I often do para makalimutan pagod, medyo nakakapagod kasi bundok nilalakad ko) I am thinking about this friend of mine, she's a classmate way back, and her situation is really sad and pitiful. I don't know if her situation is governed by the law of karma, in which we know that there are 2 types of karma, the bad and the good, but in her situation it's bad, I don't know if she deserved that suffering, but in my mind (ala senate ba? hehe) you learn life the hardest way, at iyon ang nangyayari sa kanya.

to give you a clear view of the situation is that, she was involved in a love triangle but all of them I considered my friends, pero sila hindi ko na nakaka-usap and I'm thankful sa "friendster" kasi mula doon nagkita-kita kami ng mga old friends ko in which pwede ako maka-konek sa kanila.
okay go back tayo, siya ay inlove sa isang guy na committed na, and she knows that, pero ginawa niya, i don't know kung nakipag-flirt siya kasi, lagi niya usap yong guy, thou she knows na selos to the max ang gf ni guy, at point pa is these 2 gurls supposed to be friends. dahil lagi dumidikit si gurl kay boy nakipag-break si gf don sa guy. and next chapter is sila na ng guy na iyon.

fastforward, they get married and have kids, but now the fairy tale turn into horror when she find out that her husband is having an affair with other woman, not with the former gf, other woman, the thing is he has impregnated this other woman. tsk! tsk!

I dunno I was just thinking if her situation is covered by "karma" hindi ko nmaan sinasabi na nang-agaw siya noon, siya naman ang naagawan maybe ganun talaga ang buhay. You must experience pain so that not to inflict that pain to others.

They are my friends, at kilala ko yong girl. grabe, sobra-sobra pagmamahal niya sa lalaki, at maski ganun na ginagawa ng asawa niya sa kanya, still walang nagbago sa love niya sa asawa.
Martyr! at sa tingin ko wala masama doon, sabi nga nila, kung marunong kang magmahal, sa hindi marunong magmahal ka napupunta, reason? para turuan siyang magmahal, it's a sort of spreading love.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


hhmmm...last week, someone message me from friendster, the name is familiar but not the face but i don't know if I have forgotten his face or just got a myopic view on his face, and besides I did not expect him to be like that, I mean his feature now. He was a classmate in highschool and he is one of the most memorable person in my life, the fact that we share laugthers and all the "kalokohans" we also share tsismis hehehe. And way back in high school, he's tall and bony i mean skinnny aha, like that, now he had his muscles not that bulgy like batista but he has it, that's the thing that I did not recognize him, and I search where we are connected and those people are familiar hehehe, it's really him, and I feel good meeting him again after a long long time, coz when we graduated from high school we hardly spoke and see each other coz we are now residing in another city, and I seldom go home now.

well, and last week I started a new novel...and i find it difficult, coz ive finisehd the ending but i have not yet started hahaha, how can that be? well I have no idea, I still have to gather some feedbacks about the characters in my story and I've learned something about men, and I appreaciate them, really. The other one is gentleman(without the yak) hehehe and one is "sigurista" that's why I told him that it's nice to establish that character, well you don't what I'm talking about but soon if i have the guts and figure things out, I will share it.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


we had a fun match all breed dog show last sunday, ti was fun, tiring but enjoyable, there are more than 100 participants and 24 breeds who joined the said event, it rains but it's not that heavy umayon ang panahon sa show hehehe, masaya dahil andami dogs, may siberian husky pa na sumali. eto ilan pics ng siberian unti lang kasi bata ang nag photo hehehe

and this is spyke...chow-chow breed, puppy pa lang iyan pero galing ng rumampa, si kuya pinutol wahehehe

Thursday, August 30, 2007

naku naman

ano kaya ang magandang gawin sa isang makulit na ex? kung bakit ba naman sa tinagal-tagal na panahon na hindi siya nagparamdam eh ngayon pa ulit siya nagparamdam.

lasy sunday may tumawag sa akin, no number so ibig sabihin international, akala ko ate ko, pero txt ko siya hindi daw siya tumawag, then the next morning, may tumawag ulit no number ulit, so answer ko phone, dyaran!!!! siya nga, kumustahan blues, tapos sabi niya umuwi pala siya dito last month then kababalik lang daw niya sa honolulu. so sabi ko, "bat di ka nagpakita, I see baka naman magalit wife mo." cos i thought that he get married already kasi may nabuntis siya, pero sabi niya, wala pa daw siyang asawa, then I ask about the girl the he allegedly impregnated, so sabi niya hindi daw siya tatay. aha??? to millionth power, so he continued na may ibang BF yong girl at kaya niya pina-pa ako sa kanya kasi gusto niya makapunta sa kanya, (uyy matalino the girl, ayon sa kanya)

ang yoko lang is mga hirit niya na, "pwede ba kitang mahalin ulit?" iikksss to max talaga, nakakaloka!!! but i told him a year ago na may BF na ako ( sis dred, wag ingay tungkol don ha, usap ko siya kagabi, while talking to him tumawag mokong) pero hindi pa rin siya tumitigil, then he wants me to think it over in just 24 hours....duh??? hindi ako ganun kabillis mag-isip, pero ang bagay na iyan hindi na pinag-iisipan, the answer is NO, but i must admit, noon una, i thought there's still hope pero mga hirit niyang kabulastugan, hindi na, hindi na talaga.

akala ko nagbago na siya pero hindi pa rin, he called 3 am yesterday, and he's insisting na bumalik, i told him na patulugin niya ako at hindi ako makapag-isip, sabi ba naman niya, kung mahal mo isang tao, lahat gagawin mo, sabay kanta sa theme song ng PANDAY, susme anak ng bakunawa naman, 3 am gigising na ako mga 4 am para prepare ng food sa mga pamangking ko tas gaganunin niya ako... halos magiba pader sa room ko sa kakasipa ko sa inis ko sa kanya.

at work tumawag ulit, susme, ganun na naman ang drama, at ang tanong kung pwede ko ba siyang paligayahin, anak ng bakunawa talaga, i shouted at him na with that...talaga, na kaibahan niya sa bf ko ay, siya walang respeto, pero bf ko meron alam niya akong igalang kung tulog ako o nagtratrabaho, o di ba?

he called again this day at 12 midnight, as usual sinipa ko na naman pader, para maramdaman niya na galit ako, hhaayy sana this time, tumigil na siya. kainis talaga, okis saba na.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


walang magawa, gusto ko magsulat ng magsulat pero wala naman akong maisip...problemang malaki ata kapag ganito...cyber relationship kaya itopic ko, siguro marami-rami din makaka-relate sa akin...what about karma? wweeee natawa tuloy ako dito....yong mac arthur kaya ni bob ong, o di kaya yong da vinci code, oist may nakapagsabi sa akin na si leonardo da vinci bading daw wahehehehe....kaya yong monalisa, yon ang pangarap niyang mukha kung magiging babae siya whattaa sinabi ng history teacher ko nun first year high school ako, di na namin tinanong kung saan galing yon, basta ang mahalaga ay hindi kasali sa quiz namin iyon.

next time na lamng siguro ako magsulat dito..mahirap pilitan ang utak...

Thursday, August 09, 2007


meron nga ba sobra at kulang sa pagmamahal? kelan mo malalaman na ang pagmamahal ay sobra o kulang na ito?

kapag nasa isang relasyon ka naman, may mga bagay kang hindi mo namamalayan na kaya mo palang gawin ang isang bagay sa taong mahal mo, at kaya mong ibigay ang lahat para sa kanya, maski ang buhay mo, na kahit naka-tattoo na sa utak mo na kelangan magtira ka para sa sarili mo, at kelanagn mahalin mo rin sarili mo.

pero may mga pagkakataon na "sana ibinigay ko na lang lahat" factor tayo, para sana maisalba ang naghihingalong relasyon, ano nga kaya ang naging resulta nito?

paano naman kaya kung ibinigay mo ang lahat pero wala pa rin nangyari?

minsan, sa pagmamahal, malalaman mo na lang ang sobra at kulang kapag wala na ito. malalaman mo na sobra kang nagmahal kung sobra rin ang sakit, at wala kang makitang dahilan para kalimutan siya, at alam mo ang kulang kung may "sana" ka o panghihinayang.

pero bawat pagsubok ay hindi pinagluluksahan, oo kelangan lumuha pero tulad sa patay kelangan mo rin magbabang luksa. Isipin mo na bawat pagsubok ay pinag-papasalamat dahil ito ay nagiging sandata para sa kinabukasan, kelangan mo lang matutunan ang leksiyon na dulot nito.

mahalin mo sarili sa paraan na gustong mong mahalin ka ng kapwa mo dahil doon mo lang maipapakita na marunong kang magmahal. At don mo, malalaman kung ano ang sobra at kulang sa pagmamahal.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

kilig dream

haayyyy those were the nights that I enjoyed dreaming the most, kasi napanaginipan ko si rey haha..wala naman, kasi last time na nagkita kami, galit siya ata siya kasi hinagis niya papel sa akin tama ba naman yon??? yoko na magkuwento about him, basta alam ng closest friends ko about him

sa dream na iyon, bati na kami wahehehe at kita ko mata niya may spark at pumuti siya wahahahah, lagot ako kapag may nakabasa nito hehehe...tas ask him if he's married tas sabi niya naghahanap pa raw ng babaing pakakasalan niya sabay yuko....wwaaaa sabay entra ang bronsky nakakaloka talaga....tas kinain ni rey food ni bronsky wahahaha, lalo mangangayayat bronsky nito hehehe, tas umalis siya, frustrated kasi indi niya kinuha number ko, haha, kaso i know that we will see each other again...he goes somewhere else, kasi sa nbi siya work, sad nga lang kasi nagkarron ng delubyo, andami namatay. He went there to help kaya umalis siya bigla.

Hay sana hindi mangyari yong delubyo na iyon, kasi nakakatakot, it's flood, dami natabunan na tao, andami bata...kakatakot kasi ibang klase ako managinip...May awa ang Diyos sa ating lahat.

Monday, August 06, 2007

ewan ko sa 'yo

napapansin ko, paminsan-minsan na lang ako nakaka-visit ng blog na ito, pinagawa ko pa nga sa kaibigan ko tio eh, hehe.kakapagod na rin magsulat sa notebook, parang diary na pero hindi naman. Minsan kapag nagsusulat ako sa notebook tapos transfer ko dito, naiiba syempre may MAY I EDIT na hehehe, biglang nag-isip eh.

hindi naman lahat ng kaibigan natin ay may friendster di ba? baka meron hidden lang no idea ako diyan, pero paano kung sinabi niya na meron tapos ayaw ka niya i-add? Aray ko, huhu.

Sa akin lang kasi, okay lang naman, kasi I know that meron siyang set of friends, sana lang hindi na niya sinabi iyon na gawa ka ng ganito blah blah blah, eh alam naman niyang uto-uto ako. Isang buwan ko rin inantay yong confirmation ah pero wala, eh kita ko naman na nagla-log siya, inisip ko pa nga nga sobrang busy siya, pero anyways tapos na iyon. Iniisip ko na lang na, ganun talaga at wala na akong magagawa.

Friends come and goes. Gusto ko nga sabihin ang isang quote mula sa napanood kung movie, maganda naman medyo may pagka-magical diko nga lang alam ang title, gitna na kasi naabutan ko. Here goes: IF YOU NEED ME AND YOU DON'T WANT ME THEN I STAY, BUT IF YOU WANT ME BUT YOU DON'T NEED ME THEN I GO.

I can say that friends comes in our way to inspire us, but sad instances is we also leave friends, not because it's a must but it;s destiny that dictates, it's not because we don't love them but because we have to leave to inspire other people, kumbaga spreading the gift of love, tas yong nainspire mo, mag-iinspire din ng iba.

Kaya sabi ko sa sarili ko, is the friendship over? Kasi hindi na kami usap eh, maybe, maybe not.

haayyy minsan nakakatulong ang window shopping kapag mejo may down syndrome ka, hehehe yup medyo narelease ko nga dahil magagagnda mga damit don at mura, hindi wag-wag yon, I'm sure, diyan lang oh, sa may beso-beso. Kasama ko hipag ko na first time lang pumasok don.

After window shopping, pagkain naman, haayyy you are what you eat daw, ows? hindi ko alam kung nasan ko nabasa pero what you eat tells what your mood is, tanda ko lang kapag sweets like ice cream, sad ka research nga ulit iyan. Sa chowking may fortune cookie doon, nag-try ako ng isa, tas kumuha din hipag ko ng isa, tapos sabi niya, baka daw may give away, kasi minsan nakakakuha sila, sa sana large coke yon, (wink wink) eh kaso ito nakasulat:
Sa fortune cookie, aside sa quote na linte, may number 6 sets of numbers, abah, taya ako sa lotto, baka swertehin ako ng mawala pagka-down syndrome ko, kaso tinamaan ng lintek, hehehe, mas masarap pa taho.


Ang kalungkutan ng kaibigan ay kalungkutan ko rin.Yan ang nadama ko ngayon, kahit ilang araw ko na rin natanggap mula sa kanya ang balitang iyon.Medyo delayed pa nga ang dating, at binalita pa sa akin ng isang kapwa kaibigan.
Kung tutuusin, just a few weeks back, she's so happy telling me the good news about her second pregnancy, and it's a girl, okay na okay na kasi may boy and girl na siya, and I'm so happy for her.
kaya lang, minsan ganito na talaga ang buhay, may lumbay at kaligayahan, maaring malungkot ngayon, bukas ay masaya naman...Sabi nga eh, kung puro ligaya ang bibigay, baka lalo natin Siyang makalimutan.
The baby was born with trisomy 13, medyo malalim, mahirap intindihin, sabi nga ng google ay rare disease at 1 out 10,000 babies ay posibleng maipanganak ng ganito. Abah naman, sa sampung libo ba naman siya pa di ba? pero no one is to blame...Balil tayo sa trisomy 13, ito ay nagduduplicate ng chromosome, kaya nagkakaroon ng extra chromosome which resulted to multiple abnormalities, congenital heart disease, cleft pallate etc. It happens during conception, kaya minsan pala dapat ipacheck din natin kung may chromosomal imbalance ang baby. Risky ito sa mga babaeng nagkakaedad na nabubuntis.
Bakit siya pa, bakit yong friend ko pa? I want to ask that, but I don't have to question Him, kaya sabi ko na lang sa friend ko, God knows that you've been an obedient child that's why you're the apple of God's eye now, He's asking your baby as an offering, you see, tiny and fragile she is, but she's giving you lot of happiness. I told her. The baby was born with a congenital heart disease due to her trisomy 13.
If God closes the door He opens a window. One thing to be thankful is that, hindi cleft pallate ang bata, kahit paano ay nagpapakita ng lakas to survive, and even if as a mother, it gave hope. And I know that my friend will surpass this one, as she surpasses dificulties before. Who know's miracle do come when we least espect it.