Saturday, May 10, 2008

so sad

friday last week, sobsob ako sa trabaho, at may di inaasahang dumating na bisita, it was my friend's husband, di ako makapaniwala then he said "hoy! hindi mo na ako kilala" shock lang kasidiko expect na andito siya, so unang reaksion is, aaayyyy asan si dianne, (my friend) with all the excitement, then he said, naiwan, nasa hospital si Erin eh (their daugther) yong pagbulusok ng energy ko to know that their here, parang lumagapak, coz i miss her terribly, equal sa pagka-miss ko sa ate ko. And then last monday I attended the birthday of their son, ethan was so energetic kid, and lovable, he's so huggable but lil bit snobbish hehehe, expected na iyon kasi tagal na niya ako di nakikita, 2 years old pa lang siya ng huli kaming magkita. Awhile ago, open ko yong email ko, na once a week ko lang inoopen, I 've got an email from dianne, nd I just can't help it, my tears is flowing, the fact that she's now a mom and her daugther is in and out in the hospital, tapos wala ka kasama, ikaw lang, and she told na she wants to go home, but the condition of erin will not allow them to go home, I know that she needs the comfort of her family pero yon nga hindi pwede. and up to now, i can't find words to reply to her email, she's alone there right now, and I often tell her that she has to be brave for her daugther, but sometimes you just can't. hhaayyysss yes I've got a good news from my bf but this thing it really makes me cry, but right now, I have nothing to worry, the Bible says, why worry if you can pray.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

wala magawa

she's furious.revenge was on her system, and nothing could stop her. devastated totally that Marc, her Marc is getting married. She wanted to touch him and tell him that she loves him so much but she simply can't. On the other hand, a woman is grieving too, on the thought that Marc is still longing for his ex-girlfriend, and decision she makes? drop the wedding. Czarina was long dead, but still can't cross-over because she left her heart with Marc. But thanks to Joe, Marc bestfriend, who had been secretly in-love with Czarina, he'd been searching for her, all his dead-time, but at long last, on Marc's wedding, he finally found Czarina, and Czarina, find peace with Joe and together hand in hand, saw the light and entered the door of everlasting happiness.

reason bakit di ako masyado nanonood ng ghost whisperer, naiiyak ako every episode :(