Tuesday, September 27, 2011

love yoursef

It goes something like this: "mahalin mo muna sarili mo, bago ang iba" heard this over and over and over again. And recently in 100 days to heaven, and reaction ng mga tao, so true lang masabi. It always looks new, pero gasgas na gasgas na ito, at bakit lagi parang bago ito? Simply because only few are loving themselves. (I think) Dahil if we love ourselves we should love our neighbor too, including our enemies, coz sometimes, nagiging kaaway mo ang iyong kapit-bahay. And if you love yourself, with all your might, hindi mo hahayaan na masaktan ka di ba? So the same din sa iyong kapwa, kung mahal mo hindi mo rin hahayaan na masaktan sila, di ba? But sometimes we also choose pain, kahit gaano natin hindi ka-gusto saktan ang kapwa natin, pero kung and dating sa kanya yong sinasabi natin ay masakit, wala na tayo magagawa don, and I guess we should always keep our intention pure, no matter what. Yon lang, chok!

Friday, September 09, 2011

love love love

I was reading my friend's notes yesterday, I was surprise when he also writes about the world "I love you" the one I wrote here a few months ago, about I God and you that if you accept my love together we will build a relationship and God as the center. Well he told me about it that he writes something but he never told me that he writes what I write. And I think I wrote about it that, that thing is I heard on a wedding sermon by a priest, so I decided to share on my blog.

But anyways, love is synonymous to confusion, even in a soap opera tells that when 2 people are in-love they act crazy. And when we are in-love everybody wants to be happy, because we thought that love makes us happy. We did not know that happiness is a matter of decision, and love is a matter of feeling. I don't know but for me love is feeling as well as a decision.

Let's go back to being happy in love, remember that's not always the case because love is a sacrifice. That's why many got frustrated when it comes to sacrificing. All they know is being happy, not sacrifice. Many did not know that to sacrifice is to be happy.

We love people according to our knowledge of love and experience about love, right? And as a receiver of the love, we cannot push somebody or anybody to love us the way we want to be love, because like I said, we love according to our knowledge, experiences and feelings. But can we make an exception about this? Why not loving people the way they want to be love? To make them happy? HHmmm maybe it will work in a month but not a lifetime. I called that pretending and spoiling, love should not be that way, Love is genuine. Besides it's hard to pretend specially in love. If you can't make others happy, atleast inspire them. Remember that Love is still Love even if it's not reciprocated. (I just told this to Michelle) in short Love Uncondtionally.

I want to talk more, but I am going to reserve that on my next adventure.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm Loyal

Hey I just created a tumblr account, but that does not mean that I will leave this blog, no way hehe, I'm just having fun that's why I created one, well it's pretty cool, but I got lost in the process. But I found my way out, thanks to my little knowledge on technology hehe. If you want to read my first post, it's airaregine.tumblr.com and follow me on twitter it's @airaregine thanks. I don't have much to do today, I mean, I'm done what I ought to do today, just downloading of some missed episode on Secret of American Teenager, and I got this quote, "Maybe you are married for the wrong reason, but stayed together with the right reason." Aahhh reason, does every thing have a reason? hhmmm I wonder. Maybe I should write about something about reason some other time. See yah folks!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

froggy wednesday

Love is bigger and wider than the universe. So stop playing hide and seek with coz I don't have enough patience to search you. That's what on my mind today, shouted it on FB and on twitter. Oh well I spent more my time on twitter this days than FB, because I just made my mind that majority on Facebook are feelers. You know that kind of stuff, so feeling down as if their the only people on earth who have problems, feeling unloved, feeling beautiful etc. Whew! I'm thinking of deleting them hehe. But anyways, back to what I shouted, I did not really mean that stuff. Of course I know that Love is patience. What I truly mean is that, Love is wider and bigger than the universe, so everywhere you look, anytime you want love, there is love. So, don't feel so depress or suicidal whenever your heart gets broken, because love is always available, just make yourself available to love. Just got distracted aizt, but I'm glad that someone is here awhile ago, her laugh is so contagious, I want to make it as my ring back message. Nice!

Monday, July 11, 2011

cold, cold

I have colds (sniff) but that's not the reason why I did not post, it's because I was so busy, well I'm still busy but no mood to work now. I supposed to post something a week ago, because I felt bad about the news on same sex marriage. It was June 25, I remembered it right, I was on a wedding, and a reported texted me where am I, and I told him that I was at a wedding. No idea what's the news about, then came Monday, he was handling me the news, and I was viewing it, I felt that my blood risen up at the back of my neck, oh, Lord what's happened?
I just want to make myself clear, I have nothing against lesbians and gays, I have friends that belong to the third sex, I don't even condemn the act committed by them, but what I am furious about is the rite their perform. It's almost the rite as my faith, hello, can you have other rite? I mean, your just mimicking other religion's right, and you call that holy? I just hope that soon they will come to your senses. Anyways, I don't want to prolong my sentiments on that issue, over and out!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I was wondering when was the story about Santa Claus and the elves started. I know something about Santa, he's a wealthy man decided to become priest and Bishop of Myra but was persecuted during the roman empire. He was known for his love to the children specially to the less fortunate. His a wealthy man but his parents died when he was young. Then he sold all his belongings and give it to the poor, after his death, he was known for his love to children. So, that's the fact I know about santa or the Father of Christmas., in which he was n ever married so there is no Mrs. Claus.
About his elves, his official helpers, I know less about them, but what I heard is, elves are nature spirits, and according to the book that I am reading (it's a religious book authored by a catholic priest) elves are nature spirits which is basically evil. Ahhhaaa! If this is true, that elves are evil and helping Santa to make toys for kids, I'd rather play tumbang preso with the "taong-grasa" over the street than playing toys, made by demons. Although, Santa is a myth BUT St. Nicholas is not. Now i know. Merry Christmas, yeah I know, it's June, but it's a nice feeling to feel the spirits of Christmas everyday, coz when it's Christmas all of us are good, all of us are givers. See? Everything about Christmas is good, minus the elves. Hehehe!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

just another day

Good day bloggers! It's been awhile again, anyways, today I was so desperate to find the piano sheets of the following songs, what are words, fall for you, and first love, whew! It's difficult than expected, I am planning to buy in on store but they are not available, so how's that? desperation continues. I cried over and over when I watched chris medina's what are words, but when i woke this morning I've realized that there's nothing to cry about, but instead a celebration of love. Despite what happened to his girlfriend he still love and care for her, what a great a love, and it's a nice feeling to know that great love still exists at this point in time.

Ok, another desperation is about a book entitled "Exorcism, Encounter by the Paranormal and the Occult" don't get me wrong, this book was written by Fr. Jocis, head of exorcist in the Diocese of Manila. I've been searching and waiting for this book over a year now, but I got this book ON TIME, as in at the right time. I can't say that I am a psychic for I know that being one is difficult and prone to the darkness. And speaking of darkness I almost invited the devil for a cup of tea, I added this one on FB and he's a psychic and I know that they have rituals in opening the third eye, I almost mailed him on how to open the third eye, coz I really want to open mine, and I know that I am ready with it, and I know too that with the opening of my third eye I am able to help people, well that's what I am thinking . But then my friend went to Manila for some business and i really beg him to search and buy the book for me, and thank God he really bought it for me. Then I was still thinking of mailing the psychic, but due to my shyness and the book that I got, I postponed it, and there I came across on the word "occult" supernatural powers does not need any incantation nor meditation, for if you do, you are invoking the devil to help you in such circumstances, and if you keep on practicing it, possible possession would occur. See? thanks to my shyness and the book. If not, I maybe indulging in preternatural powers. Thank God really. But something crazy happen when I started to read the book, I don't know if it's coincidence but when I am trying to put my bracelets on that morning it's just broke and the beads scattered all over my bed, then I got another one, and guess what it's broken too, beads scattered again, it's like iikksss ppffttt, so what? Then I started saying, really? seriously? I just say a little prayer. Trust me, I know when there's something in my own very room. But sign of the cross really helps as Father Jocis do. whew! that's for now, I'll be back later.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

just a reply

I was watching Anthony Taberna's Iba Balita last night, it's my first time to watch his show, I don't even know that our antenna can pick up the signal of studio 23, well in case you did not know about the show from the Balita it's a news and information show. And he interviewed former DOH secretary which I cannot recall her name (sorry) about RH Bill, she's a pro by the way but it's not my concern, Anthony asks a question, it's like aanhin natin ang maraming bata kung ang mga ito ay nagnanakaw ng cellphone, nagda-drugs or nagra-rugby. " It's a nice question but, is it the fault of the government if we have this kind of young individual? for me NO, maraming bata mula sa Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao anga lumaki sa hirap pero hindi sila gumagawa ng masama, at hindi kailanman dahilan ang kahirapan upang gumawa tayo ngkahit anong kabalbalan. Para sa akin, kasalanan ng magulang iyan, at ang pagkukulang ng magulang ay isinisisi natin sa gobyerno. Like I said, maraming bata ang nagugutom pero hindi lahat ng bata ay nag-iisip ng masama. Maraming bata ang namulat sa karangyaan pero ano ang ginagawa nila? Karamihan nagfi-facebook nasaan ang kabataan pag-asa ng bayan? Andun sa kalye nagwewelga sa tuition fee hike, ano ba talaga ang problema natin? Sino ba talaga ang problema, ang mahihirap o ang mga mayayaman? Nakapag-aral o ang walang pinag-aralan. Education is the key to success? Seriously? Sino ba ang nagpapahirap sa atin, mga mahihirap ba o ang mga nakapag-aral. Tsk TSk, unending question, we propose answer but never a solution. And I think RH BILL is neither an answer o solution. The sanctity of sex will be gone, isn't it that the purpose of sex is to pro-create? If you use birth-control devices as the pro RH call it, to have sex, then sex is just for pleasure. I remember one time, way back in college, the best natural method in population control is to say NO to SEX.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

another day

I.ve been thinking what will I right today, because there’s so many things in my brain right now. What’s happening to the forum that I am moderating but I guess that’s part of life, you met people with bad attitude, jumping to conclusion without gathering datas to support their judgment. Funny thing is, they pretend to be ok when it’s not, I can say it’s ok to pretend that you are fine, who knows you can convince yourself that you are really ok. But this is what I am going to say: Never blame other people for what had happened to you or to your relationship because you are the one who arte in that relationship not other people, respect your mate, obey your mate because that’s one factor that you love your mate by obeying his words. I’m not saying total obedience what I am saying is, if you want your relationship to last, at least obey and respect your partner.

Love is patience. I was watching Sara Geronimo and Gerald Anderson’s Catch Me I’m In-love last night, its quite a kilig movie, and there’s this line “Love is not that easy like a facebook status that you can change it anytime you want” I was sharing this because there’s someone I know that she fell for someone that she barely knows but two days? Seriously? Oh well love moves in mysterious ways but I guess easy to get, easy to lose. Sometimes, love and death are the same they are like theft, they will attack you even if you are not ready.

Choose the people around you, remember the Bible saying about friends, “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” this is true, no matter how good and noble person you are and you know that you are that kind of person, but you are hanging out with people with corrupted personality, you will be rotten also, like a fresh apple being mix with rotten apples.

Choose your words, wisely. Eat, Pray and Love, a quote from that movie, choose your word as you choose your dress. Master your thoughts, if you cannot master it, you will be in trouble. When I was younger, I really have a sharp tongue, that my words can kill a battalion of marines, and yes, I’ve always gotten myself in trouble, but as I grow maturely, I can now control my words. Meditation and prayer helps, and reading powerful quotes.

Mastering the word of God. That’s the only way you can defeat your enemy, internal or external. Everyday as I see people that makes my blood boil, I just close my eyes and remember what St. Paul says to the Corinth, Do not let your neighbor cause you into a sin. When I got mad, I’m really bad, and I don’t want my soul to suffer, that’s why it’s total control, and not to lose my grip to His Words but sometimes I lose myself, maybe it’s part of being my immaturity. I guess I should avoid people who are determined to put me down, what ya think? Hehehe yeah I know there’s so much more to share, but I am hungry now. Laterzzz

Thursday, April 28, 2011

what happened?

Rise and Shine Regina hahaha. It's been a long time since I Updated this blog and I don't know why, maybe laziness strike, but really I got so busy on the first quarter of this year but today I am back on my feet. Whew!!! I miss talking here, but on a second thought what I am going to write.

Last week as I trying to fix my things on my room, in which I seldom do, I found all the lost notebooks that I thought I misplaced but voila nope, I just placed it somewhere along the four corner of my room. So I scan one the notebooks coz there are three notebooks that I thought I'd lost. I found small notes that I made, actually I made the note during a sermon on a wedding. I wrote there, I Love You, and Love is equivalent to God. I was thinking what on earth is the sermon is all about, darn my head, hahaha I can't remember it. The following night, I was reading a book entitled, "What would you do if Love found you" interesting book, well for me. It pop on my mind what's the sermon of the priest is all about.

So here it goes, I love you is a sacred word that the mere fact the God is love. When you say I love you, comprises with 3 personas I God and You, so every time that you said the word I love you, you have to mean it, because God is present there.
So it's like saying, I and God loving you, if you want we can make a good relationship together as God as our center. if you're a man or woman would you refuse that kind of word??? No comment on that, coz I believe that everything happens for good reason and every partner was choosen by God, if you allow Him to choose your partner. Bye for now......