Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm Loyal

Hey I just created a tumblr account, but that does not mean that I will leave this blog, no way hehe, I'm just having fun that's why I created one, well it's pretty cool, but I got lost in the process. But I found my way out, thanks to my little knowledge on technology hehe. If you want to read my first post, it's airaregine.tumblr.com and follow me on twitter it's @airaregine thanks. I don't have much to do today, I mean, I'm done what I ought to do today, just downloading of some missed episode on Secret of American Teenager, and I got this quote, "Maybe you are married for the wrong reason, but stayed together with the right reason." Aahhh reason, does every thing have a reason? hhmmm I wonder. Maybe I should write about something about reason some other time. See yah folks!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

froggy wednesday

Love is bigger and wider than the universe. So stop playing hide and seek with coz I don't have enough patience to search you. That's what on my mind today, shouted it on FB and on twitter. Oh well I spent more my time on twitter this days than FB, because I just made my mind that majority on Facebook are feelers. You know that kind of stuff, so feeling down as if their the only people on earth who have problems, feeling unloved, feeling beautiful etc. Whew! I'm thinking of deleting them hehe. But anyways, back to what I shouted, I did not really mean that stuff. Of course I know that Love is patience. What I truly mean is that, Love is wider and bigger than the universe, so everywhere you look, anytime you want love, there is love. So, don't feel so depress or suicidal whenever your heart gets broken, because love is always available, just make yourself available to love. Just got distracted aizt, but I'm glad that someone is here awhile ago, her laugh is so contagious, I want to make it as my ring back message. Nice!