Wednesday, November 28, 2007

home sweer home

it's a long travel from baguio to ilocos takes us 6 hours on the road. We leave left baguio around 3 in the morning and we arrived there past 9am later than expected, coz along the way, we experienced traffic due to road constructions. And when we arrived there, at San Nicolas, my hometown, well we have to look a place for us to eat, we searched for McDonalds hehe, we kinda lost, coz we don't know where 356 plaza is, actually it's newly constructed estbalishment, and it's nice a place, to a town like my town, shakeys was also there. It's like a mall actually but it's not.

We went there too, fix some papers, particularly my name, wwhooaaa what in a name!!! Parents should teach their child to write their name properly especially when you give them 2 or more names, coz they might experienced the same thing. And it's really difficult to wait for people to sign those papers needed. Actually I waited for priest and bishop, coz I need them. Ironically, I thought that those people working at the Bishop Palace are nice, at least nicer than me hehehe, but I was wrong, they like a pittbull ready to fight duh!!!

I was expecting to see my old friend during high school but it's so sad that, I texted a friend, but she reply who you? So I told her, it;'s me and no reply, hehehe that's life. The irony is I saw a friend from college yeheyyy!!!!! She's from Candon but working in Laoag right now, good thing isn't it?

Uhm that's life, a long travel and sometimes you stumble to people that annoys you, makes you smile and part of your life. Oh! I forgot to mention, I saw Cynthia, a friend also but younger and we went to same high school.

home sweer home.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

as usual

ang magulo kong utak ngayon....(lagi naman hehehe)

noong nakaraang lunes, pinanood ko yong noypi ikaw ba ito, parang news magazine na docu na tumatalakay kung ano talaga ang pinoy. survey type show na naka-hide yong camera and last monday episode is about being true to the one you love, syempre target mga lalaki, thou tapos na kasi i-survey mga babae, and i think it's not in the gender at all ang pagiging infidelity ng isang tao kundi nasa characteristic pa rin. Just a side comment lang although tama naman ang host sa sinabi niyang "kung mahal mo ang isang tao, sasaktan mo ba?" well so many explanations for me on that matter, kasi kahit hindi mo mahal ang isang tao, WALA KA PA RIN KARAPATANG SAKTAN ITO di ba?