Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stay in Prayer, Stay in Faith, Stay in Grace

I've watched one episode of one of my favorites american series (supernatural) It's an episode when the 2 brothers encountered a ripper, a ripper that send bobby to hell (if you are a fan you know what I am talking) so here's goes the story one brother goes to purgatory coz there's a door connecting hell to purgatory so sam saves bobby out of love.  But why did bobby is in hell? Is he that bad? NO he's in hell because Crowley (demon) hate bobby that bobby killed so many demons, so Crowley snatched bobby's soul.
Here's the thing, what happened to bobby can happen to anybody, well I was reading a book about exorcist by Father Jocis, that's volume 2 already.  There are lots of story there that the devil is always waiting for you to fall so that he could easily snatch your soul and drag it to hell. But the thing is we have God and we have saints and we could easily ask their intercession.  Just pray, have faith and by the grace of God, no demon can harm us.

I have this nightmares so long ago, that I've been battling with demons in my dream, and I can't really move and in my dream I was praying and I did woke up praying, and thank God, those nightmares never came back.