Thursday, April 28, 2011

what happened?

Rise and Shine Regina hahaha. It's been a long time since I Updated this blog and I don't know why, maybe laziness strike, but really I got so busy on the first quarter of this year but today I am back on my feet. Whew!!! I miss talking here, but on a second thought what I am going to write.

Last week as I trying to fix my things on my room, in which I seldom do, I found all the lost notebooks that I thought I misplaced but voila nope, I just placed it somewhere along the four corner of my room. So I scan one the notebooks coz there are three notebooks that I thought I'd lost. I found small notes that I made, actually I made the note during a sermon on a wedding. I wrote there, I Love You, and Love is equivalent to God. I was thinking what on earth is the sermon is all about, darn my head, hahaha I can't remember it. The following night, I was reading a book entitled, "What would you do if Love found you" interesting book, well for me. It pop on my mind what's the sermon of the priest is all about.

So here it goes, I love you is a sacred word that the mere fact the God is love. When you say I love you, comprises with 3 personas I God and You, so every time that you said the word I love you, you have to mean it, because God is present there.
So it's like saying, I and God loving you, if you want we can make a good relationship together as God as our center. if you're a man or woman would you refuse that kind of word??? No comment on that, coz I believe that everything happens for good reason and every partner was choosen by God, if you allow Him to choose your partner. Bye for now......