Tuesday, July 07, 2009

disturbing dreams

I have known myself to dream unusual dreams, like burning buildings, collapsing building because of a natural calamity, furious people that I don't know, events, and sometimes they do happen, so it's like a dejavu.
But lately, I don't but these dreams lately became disturbing, the first is, someone is wearing my underwear, I just ignore it because it might be just a "rebound effect" of my previous activities. Then, again, I dreamed that someone is wearing my denim jacket, which I immediately to the laundry basket, coz I got scared already.
Two interpretations that came into my mind, someone wants my identity (OA ko) or someone wants to inflict harm on me. Now I am sick...I just don't know if there's a connection to any of my dreams. I am sick because CAP Building is so cold when Sitel held a program, my body is weak pn cold places.