Tuesday, September 27, 2011

love yoursef

It goes something like this: "mahalin mo muna sarili mo, bago ang iba" heard this over and over and over again. And recently in 100 days to heaven, and reaction ng mga tao, so true lang masabi. It always looks new, pero gasgas na gasgas na ito, at bakit lagi parang bago ito? Simply because only few are loving themselves. (I think) Dahil if we love ourselves we should love our neighbor too, including our enemies, coz sometimes, nagiging kaaway mo ang iyong kapit-bahay. And if you love yourself, with all your might, hindi mo hahayaan na masaktan ka di ba? So the same din sa iyong kapwa, kung mahal mo hindi mo rin hahayaan na masaktan sila, di ba? But sometimes we also choose pain, kahit gaano natin hindi ka-gusto saktan ang kapwa natin, pero kung and dating sa kanya yong sinasabi natin ay masakit, wala na tayo magagawa don, and I guess we should always keep our intention pure, no matter what. Yon lang, chok!

Friday, September 09, 2011

love love love

I was reading my friend's notes yesterday, I was surprise when he also writes about the world "I love you" the one I wrote here a few months ago, about I God and you that if you accept my love together we will build a relationship and God as the center. Well he told me about it that he writes something but he never told me that he writes what I write. And I think I wrote about it that, that thing is I heard on a wedding sermon by a priest, so I decided to share on my blog.

But anyways, love is synonymous to confusion, even in a soap opera tells that when 2 people are in-love they act crazy. And when we are in-love everybody wants to be happy, because we thought that love makes us happy. We did not know that happiness is a matter of decision, and love is a matter of feeling. I don't know but for me love is feeling as well as a decision.

Let's go back to being happy in love, remember that's not always the case because love is a sacrifice. That's why many got frustrated when it comes to sacrificing. All they know is being happy, not sacrifice. Many did not know that to sacrifice is to be happy.

We love people according to our knowledge of love and experience about love, right? And as a receiver of the love, we cannot push somebody or anybody to love us the way we want to be love, because like I said, we love according to our knowledge, experiences and feelings. But can we make an exception about this? Why not loving people the way they want to be love? To make them happy? HHmmm maybe it will work in a month but not a lifetime. I called that pretending and spoiling, love should not be that way, Love is genuine. Besides it's hard to pretend specially in love. If you can't make others happy, atleast inspire them. Remember that Love is still Love even if it's not reciprocated. (I just told this to Michelle) in short Love Uncondtionally.

I want to talk more, but I am going to reserve that on my next adventure.