Wednesday, May 20, 2009

first love never dies

does first love dies? If you asked me that few years back, my answer would be yes, until I've watched this show on TV. One of the guests, answered it on the negative side. She answered no, coz it's the first romance that teaches you how to love and to sacrifice, maybe the feelings subsided but the thought that first love is irreplaceable then that makes it undying. You can love as many as you can feel but no such thing as first love.
Last night, as lie awake in bed, just thinking of what oscar wilde said, that love of oneself is the beginning of a lifetime romance. Well I thought that maybe it's my self is my first love. You've got to love yourself first before loving others, for you cannot give something you do not have. YOu can't give love, if you don't have it. So I think I am making sense, that first love never dies, if the first love is yourself.
Someone quoted me in a forum when I posted it that I believe in happy ever after. He told me that it's just in a fairy tale story, and fairy tales don't come true. But for me, fairy tales inspires us to keep on loving and moving forward, despite how many wicked stepmothers, witch or sisters we have in our way, it teaches us that if you have a mighty heart and strong will you can surpass all those who get in our way. And going back to happy ever after, it doesn't matter if you end up with your prince charming what matters most is, the feeling when you reach your destination after a tiring journey, the feeling that you have move-on after a failed relationship, see? In life, having a partner is joyours really, but sometimes it's not the only thing in this world that gives us happiness, what matters most is, you know the things that makes you happy, and whatever makes you happy, practice it..hehe

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Three nights ago, I was not able to sleep for 2 nights, I don't know why, and I have this palpitation, so I searched on it on the net, coz i suspected a heartburn due to its symptoms, and awhile ago a friend told me that it might be an estrogen, so I have to stop drinking coffee or any drinks that caffeine is present, whew!!! My coffee is decaf but still not an excuse, coke and tea, goodbye, but I hope it's only for awhile.

AS my sleepless nights attack, I have to venture myself into reading, so I read this newly bought book, it's about tickling the soul, nice book, full of wisdom, thou I am still looking for the humor, but until its absent, but some quote strike me, thou many quotes have gotten my attention to this book. It says there, if your friend or work have no intentions to stay with you, you have the right to leave them. And then I remembered a friend, but erase it eventually, coz I know that she's no longer thinking of me, so why should I think of her, anyways..I just found out that there are friends, are only good when they need you, but when life's going so smoothly, they never know that you are existed. At first, I thought that I don't have friend like this, until I met her.

Secondly, I have a disagreement with a friend, of course this friend is different... I will not write about her, coz according to the book, when you are mad, tell it to a friend, just one friend, coz what will happen of you will tell everyone is that, you are just rehearsing the madness in you, well guilty about that. I don't know why is she furious about that what Ihave said, but anyways, I'd like to tell her that the truth hurts, but I kept quiet, it will just ignite her uncontrolable temper.

Okay, just that it, everyday, we learn something, only have to do is to be vigilant the free lessons that this life is offering. Whether own experience or others, it taught us something, that developed our own personal well being.