Monday, June 29, 2015

It's a sad day

I feel sad about the decision of US government legalizing same sex marriage to all states. I know that we are still lucky that in my country (Philippines) is it not allowed. Just a few reflection, I have my own problem so I pray to God, to the Holy Spirit to comfort me and to guide us. Now, I am in a dilemma questioning myself if I am too selfish not to include in prayers my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ not to vote for this( same sex marriage) but then I am not in full knowledge about it (that's true) if then I could have offer my sacrifices. But if still they voted YES then maybe God is testing the faithful what we should do about it. Maybe God wants us to stand still on the sanctity of marriage.  It's not that. I am depriving their happiness or anything else, I respect them and I have LGBT friends who are married (same sex) and they are still my friends. But what makes me sad is, I saw pictures mocking the cross. The cross is a symbol of our salvation. I am expecting them to respect one's religion, coz they've been shouting respect and equality, but what they did is offensive. Anyway, at the end of the day a person is the sole responsible to his/her actions.  And from now on, I choose to discern on things before opening my mouth or thinking negatively that may harm my soul.  I still pray for my LGBT friends for they are all dear to me.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014


It's Ash Wednesday!!!!! And God is calling us to come home, no not that coming home. Meaning returning to Christ, to renew our life in Christ.
But look at it someone ruined my day of reflecting, I almost loose again my temper but thank God I did not. Maybe the prayer of St. Padre Pio works, thanks Padre!
Someone told me that I'm living a life of uselessness (is there such a word) or maybe in short I'm useless. After all I've done for them he called me useless??? Oh well, I might be useless to him but if I die to day at least I never hurt them the way they are hurting me right now.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ah ranting

Browsing FB page is beneficial.  You learn a lot, from food, clothing, movies, songs, shoes, bags, fashion and a lot more.  But you cannot deny the fact that some friends or friends of your friends, sounds annoying, you bet. It's like you want to unfriend them, but your having a second thought, no, I love the way they annoy me, no, they're totally annoying and useless (no not useless in it's totality). There's this one post, well she posted her picture and commented on it, like, wweeee I'm so ugly don't laugh at me, duh???? I don't know but I really really want to know why she do that? Every time she posted her pic, she always say that, aaahhh I'm so ugly don;'t laugh at me, duh (roll eyes)
Second annoying thing, the picture of Jesus and Justin Bieber, this is gross, comparing the Son of God to a boy? I don't know but I got offended, Like if you love Jesus, ignore if you hate bieber. (another roll eyes)
Third, ladies who are looking for a possible bf or popularly known OTL (one true love). I am not that annoyed with this, but they really give me a good laugh.  Ladies posting their drama, that the pain of their last break-up was still there, that they want to know how he is, that she has difficulty moving on, she still care for him, blah blah blah.  But for FMD's sake that was 5 years ago, and that 5 years they have no communication!!!!!! Boy!!!!!! (roll eyes) Well let's not judge one's emotion.  But here;s my observation, having a lil bit of drama attracts the opposite sex attention, not all but some, right? (I'm speaking only to my place) I think this is one move where you can get someones attention, have some drama. (roll eyes)
My eyes is tired of rolling, I think I could use some sleep.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stay in Prayer, Stay in Faith, Stay in Grace

I've watched one episode of one of my favorites american series (supernatural) It's an episode when the 2 brothers encountered a ripper, a ripper that send bobby to hell (if you are a fan you know what I am talking) so here's goes the story one brother goes to purgatory coz there's a door connecting hell to purgatory so sam saves bobby out of love.  But why did bobby is in hell? Is he that bad? NO he's in hell because Crowley (demon) hate bobby that bobby killed so many demons, so Crowley snatched bobby's soul.
Here's the thing, what happened to bobby can happen to anybody, well I was reading a book about exorcist by Father Jocis, that's volume 2 already.  There are lots of story there that the devil is always waiting for you to fall so that he could easily snatch your soul and drag it to hell. But the thing is we have God and we have saints and we could easily ask their intercession.  Just pray, have faith and by the grace of God, no demon can harm us.

I have this nightmares so long ago, that I've been battling with demons in my dream, and I can't really move and in my dream I was praying and I did woke up praying, and thank God, those nightmares never came back.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

sacrament of reconciliation

Aside from Advent and Christmas season, Lenten season is one of my favorite season in the Liturgical year.  Because it is the time that my full concentration to meditate on the passion of Christ is into it.  I mean, all my casualties are unified in meditating (I must admit on ordinary days, I have difficulty meditating.) Just awhile ago, I participated in the sacrament of reconciliation and it's a great feeling to renew your relationship with the Lord.  Many Catholics are afraid to confess that they might be scolded or shouted by the priest although there are priests who do that and I remember our confessor priest in college that when you confess your sins to him he would stare you as if he's going to eat you, and that's really scary.  But my confessor awhile ago, although I know him, I've heard him officiate mass and he's one of my favorite priests in our parish, I've known him to be brilliant and disciplinarian priest (take note, he's not giving the Host (the sacred bread) to people who are wearing shorts and sleeveless) I was moved by his advise and whatever it is I guess it's for me to keep.  I just want to write something about my feeling after my confession.  It's lovely and joyous feeling.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Help I cannot edit my blog! I want to change the settings but my  internet is too slow :( so sad......
Nyways how's everybody?

Friday, May 11, 2012

I can't remember

Last night, I was looking for a notebook, because I am going to write something, then I saw my old diary, I think 3 or 4 years ago, as I go over my old diary, I can no longer remember what happened at that date hahaha, I try to go down on memory lane but it seems that I am having a memory gap not selective amnesia.  Then I read again what I post, "Kung hindi mo haharapin ang pag-ibig, babalikan ka niya." I try to recall who's friend who said this to me, buh alas I can no longer remember him/her. Sad is it? But I laugh at what I've said all throughout, boy I was immature at that time. Anyways, it's about the mystery of love, my not so favorite topic.