Monday, March 16, 2009

one afternoon

I was walking down the streets awhile ago, when the PMA cadets vehicle pass by me, and there's a slogan written on the side of their vehicle it says there "Serving the Future" well I eally don't know what it means really, maybe when I got to ask them maybe they can give me the best explanation. It just pop into my mind the question, why serving the future, why not now, coz today is the present moment, we need them now, and for Petesake they are soldiers, their lives is always in danger, how can they serve the future if they are going to die today, so what I am trying to say is that, serve for today and we might have a better and peaceful future, if you are going to serve tomorrow "ningas kugon" di ba? Oh well like I said, they have a better explanation for that.

One thing more, on issuing business receipt as in accordance with the law, that you have to issue a receipt in every business transactions. I was bothered by this, really, ASK FOR RECEIPT This will ENSURE that the taxes on your purchases WILL be REMITTED to the government. It WILL be USED for the DEVELOPMENT of the Philippines. Failure to issue as such is punishable by law with the imprisonment of 2-4 years. Wow, it's a beautiful law isn't it? but look around you, where is the beauty of the Philippines, well I guess, it's in Philippine Airlines... Two things came into my mind, First, business are not paying their taxes in accordance with the law, and Second, the development is in the hands of the few. We pay our taxes monthly and annualy, we pay our taxes more than 12x a year, and of course don't forget the e-vat everyday we are paying this, thru medicines, foods, groceries etc, I don't know how many millions or billions of pesos that the government can accumulate each day or in a year, maybe the interests of our loan in the World Bank is too large that we can no longer pay. That is why development is far from every Filipnos sight. But goodness is every where, who knows, Philippines will rise again as the Tiger country of Asia.

Monday, March 09, 2009

another thought

I was reading a local news paper, and the first thing I read are those written by the people here, I seldom read the front page coz I heard them already on the radio, yes, on the radio, coz the local news paper here comes once a week, so I was reading the paper, I kept on turning the pages until I turned unto the classified ads, ka-booommm!!! It's an advertisement exclusive for the boys, I can't believe my eyes, I've been reading that paper long ago, and it's my first time to saw that kind of ads, I don't know if you knew what I am talking about, it's a club where you can have a sight of ladies, wearing skimpy short dress. For me, as a woman, it's an exploitation, the body is the temple of the holy spirit and you advertise it so that men could draw money from their pocket instead of buying it to something else like basic necessities? I don't know why they allowed such an advertisement, if you think of it, there's so many clubs in here, so what more thay can offer?