Wednesday, March 27, 2013

sacrament of reconciliation

Aside from Advent and Christmas season, Lenten season is one of my favorite season in the Liturgical year.  Because it is the time that my full concentration to meditate on the passion of Christ is into it.  I mean, all my casualties are unified in meditating (I must admit on ordinary days, I have difficulty meditating.) Just awhile ago, I participated in the sacrament of reconciliation and it's a great feeling to renew your relationship with the Lord.  Many Catholics are afraid to confess that they might be scolded or shouted by the priest although there are priests who do that and I remember our confessor priest in college that when you confess your sins to him he would stare you as if he's going to eat you, and that's really scary.  But my confessor awhile ago, although I know him, I've heard him officiate mass and he's one of my favorite priests in our parish, I've known him to be brilliant and disciplinarian priest (take note, he's not giving the Host (the sacred bread) to people who are wearing shorts and sleeveless) I was moved by his advise and whatever it is I guess it's for me to keep.  I just want to write something about my feeling after my confession.  It's lovely and joyous feeling.