Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I was wondering when was the story about Santa Claus and the elves started. I know something about Santa, he's a wealthy man decided to become priest and Bishop of Myra but was persecuted during the roman empire. He was known for his love to the children specially to the less fortunate. His a wealthy man but his parents died when he was young. Then he sold all his belongings and give it to the poor, after his death, he was known for his love to children. So, that's the fact I know about santa or the Father of Christmas., in which he was n ever married so there is no Mrs. Claus.
About his elves, his official helpers, I know less about them, but what I heard is, elves are nature spirits, and according to the book that I am reading (it's a religious book authored by a catholic priest) elves are nature spirits which is basically evil. Ahhhaaa! If this is true, that elves are evil and helping Santa to make toys for kids, I'd rather play tumbang preso with the "taong-grasa" over the street than playing toys, made by demons. Although, Santa is a myth BUT St. Nicholas is not. Now i know. Merry Christmas, yeah I know, it's June, but it's a nice feeling to feel the spirits of Christmas everyday, coz when it's Christmas all of us are good, all of us are givers. See? Everything about Christmas is good, minus the elves. Hehehe!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

just another day

Good day bloggers! It's been awhile again, anyways, today I was so desperate to find the piano sheets of the following songs, what are words, fall for you, and first love, whew! It's difficult than expected, I am planning to buy in on store but they are not available, so how's that? desperation continues. I cried over and over when I watched chris medina's what are words, but when i woke this morning I've realized that there's nothing to cry about, but instead a celebration of love. Despite what happened to his girlfriend he still love and care for her, what a great a love, and it's a nice feeling to know that great love still exists at this point in time.

Ok, another desperation is about a book entitled "Exorcism, Encounter by the Paranormal and the Occult" don't get me wrong, this book was written by Fr. Jocis, head of exorcist in the Diocese of Manila. I've been searching and waiting for this book over a year now, but I got this book ON TIME, as in at the right time. I can't say that I am a psychic for I know that being one is difficult and prone to the darkness. And speaking of darkness I almost invited the devil for a cup of tea, I added this one on FB and he's a psychic and I know that they have rituals in opening the third eye, I almost mailed him on how to open the third eye, coz I really want to open mine, and I know that I am ready with it, and I know too that with the opening of my third eye I am able to help people, well that's what I am thinking . But then my friend went to Manila for some business and i really beg him to search and buy the book for me, and thank God he really bought it for me. Then I was still thinking of mailing the psychic, but due to my shyness and the book that I got, I postponed it, and there I came across on the word "occult" supernatural powers does not need any incantation nor meditation, for if you do, you are invoking the devil to help you in such circumstances, and if you keep on practicing it, possible possession would occur. See? thanks to my shyness and the book. If not, I maybe indulging in preternatural powers. Thank God really. But something crazy happen when I started to read the book, I don't know if it's coincidence but when I am trying to put my bracelets on that morning it's just broke and the beads scattered all over my bed, then I got another one, and guess what it's broken too, beads scattered again, it's like iikksss ppffttt, so what? Then I started saying, really? seriously? I just say a little prayer. Trust me, I know when there's something in my own very room. But sign of the cross really helps as Father Jocis do. whew! that's for now, I'll be back later.