Sunday, September 30, 2007


Do you believe in destiny? sometime we have this attitude that we just believe into something untill and unless it will happen to us. We often connotes destiny into something that, even if we are not searching for love, love will find us at the perfect moment with the right person. But sometimes, destiny will be useless if we don't act on it. It's a 50/50 act and fate for me.

When I was In first year college, we have a subject general psychology, I've learned a lot in that subject, but most of them are forgotten haha, I thought I have a large hippocampus at that time. But our professor once told us that, dreams can happen in the future, something like a dejavu. So she advice that try to write down dream and your activity, reason in writing down the activity,( coz it's sounds like a diary) is that we might just have a "rebound effect"

So I try that, some happens and some are not. But I have this dream that disturbing me and it's noy just happen once, it's somewhat a continuous dream. There's this man, of course I don't know him, the only thing I saw is him but cannot recognize him, but I know that I was attached to this guy, the only thing I don't understand is that, he's lonely. I don't know why. When I dream of him again, he's crying, and the only thing I could do is to hug him.

I was just thinking, if destiny do exist, is he my destiny? But why is he crying? Maybe because he has not yet found me and vice versa hahaha.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Kaninang umaga, habang naglalakad ako papunta sa sakayan ng jeep papunta sa work, I busied myself thinking, (which I often do para makalimutan pagod, medyo nakakapagod kasi bundok nilalakad ko) I am thinking about this friend of mine, she's a classmate way back, and her situation is really sad and pitiful. I don't know if her situation is governed by the law of karma, in which we know that there are 2 types of karma, the bad and the good, but in her situation it's bad, I don't know if she deserved that suffering, but in my mind (ala senate ba? hehe) you learn life the hardest way, at iyon ang nangyayari sa kanya.

to give you a clear view of the situation is that, she was involved in a love triangle but all of them I considered my friends, pero sila hindi ko na nakaka-usap and I'm thankful sa "friendster" kasi mula doon nagkita-kita kami ng mga old friends ko in which pwede ako maka-konek sa kanila.
okay go back tayo, siya ay inlove sa isang guy na committed na, and she knows that, pero ginawa niya, i don't know kung nakipag-flirt siya kasi, lagi niya usap yong guy, thou she knows na selos to the max ang gf ni guy, at point pa is these 2 gurls supposed to be friends. dahil lagi dumidikit si gurl kay boy nakipag-break si gf don sa guy. and next chapter is sila na ng guy na iyon.

fastforward, they get married and have kids, but now the fairy tale turn into horror when she find out that her husband is having an affair with other woman, not with the former gf, other woman, the thing is he has impregnated this other woman. tsk! tsk!

I dunno I was just thinking if her situation is covered by "karma" hindi ko nmaan sinasabi na nang-agaw siya noon, siya naman ang naagawan maybe ganun talaga ang buhay. You must experience pain so that not to inflict that pain to others.

They are my friends, at kilala ko yong girl. grabe, sobra-sobra pagmamahal niya sa lalaki, at maski ganun na ginagawa ng asawa niya sa kanya, still walang nagbago sa love niya sa asawa.
Martyr! at sa tingin ko wala masama doon, sabi nga nila, kung marunong kang magmahal, sa hindi marunong magmahal ka napupunta, reason? para turuan siyang magmahal, it's a sort of spreading love.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


hhmmm...last week, someone message me from friendster, the name is familiar but not the face but i don't know if I have forgotten his face or just got a myopic view on his face, and besides I did not expect him to be like that, I mean his feature now. He was a classmate in highschool and he is one of the most memorable person in my life, the fact that we share laugthers and all the "kalokohans" we also share tsismis hehehe. And way back in high school, he's tall and bony i mean skinnny aha, like that, now he had his muscles not that bulgy like batista but he has it, that's the thing that I did not recognize him, and I search where we are connected and those people are familiar hehehe, it's really him, and I feel good meeting him again after a long long time, coz when we graduated from high school we hardly spoke and see each other coz we are now residing in another city, and I seldom go home now.

well, and last week I started a new novel...and i find it difficult, coz ive finisehd the ending but i have not yet started hahaha, how can that be? well I have no idea, I still have to gather some feedbacks about the characters in my story and I've learned something about men, and I appreaciate them, really. The other one is gentleman(without the yak) hehehe and one is "sigurista" that's why I told him that it's nice to establish that character, well you don't what I'm talking about but soon if i have the guts and figure things out, I will share it.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


we had a fun match all breed dog show last sunday, ti was fun, tiring but enjoyable, there are more than 100 participants and 24 breeds who joined the said event, it rains but it's not that heavy umayon ang panahon sa show hehehe, masaya dahil andami dogs, may siberian husky pa na sumali. eto ilan pics ng siberian unti lang kasi bata ang nag photo hehehe

and this is spyke...chow-chow breed, puppy pa lang iyan pero galing ng rumampa, si kuya pinutol wahehehe