Monday, July 11, 2011

cold, cold

I have colds (sniff) but that's not the reason why I did not post, it's because I was so busy, well I'm still busy but no mood to work now. I supposed to post something a week ago, because I felt bad about the news on same sex marriage. It was June 25, I remembered it right, I was on a wedding, and a reported texted me where am I, and I told him that I was at a wedding. No idea what's the news about, then came Monday, he was handling me the news, and I was viewing it, I felt that my blood risen up at the back of my neck, oh, Lord what's happened?
I just want to make myself clear, I have nothing against lesbians and gays, I have friends that belong to the third sex, I don't even condemn the act committed by them, but what I am furious about is the rite their perform. It's almost the rite as my faith, hello, can you have other rite? I mean, your just mimicking other religion's right, and you call that holy? I just hope that soon they will come to your senses. Anyways, I don't want to prolong my sentiments on that issue, over and out!