Thursday, May 12, 2011

just a reply

I was watching Anthony Taberna's Iba Balita last night, it's my first time to watch his show, I don't even know that our antenna can pick up the signal of studio 23, well in case you did not know about the show from the Balita it's a news and information show. And he interviewed former DOH secretary which I cannot recall her name (sorry) about RH Bill, she's a pro by the way but it's not my concern, Anthony asks a question, it's like aanhin natin ang maraming bata kung ang mga ito ay nagnanakaw ng cellphone, nagda-drugs or nagra-rugby. " It's a nice question but, is it the fault of the government if we have this kind of young individual? for me NO, maraming bata mula sa Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao anga lumaki sa hirap pero hindi sila gumagawa ng masama, at hindi kailanman dahilan ang kahirapan upang gumawa tayo ngkahit anong kabalbalan. Para sa akin, kasalanan ng magulang iyan, at ang pagkukulang ng magulang ay isinisisi natin sa gobyerno. Like I said, maraming bata ang nagugutom pero hindi lahat ng bata ay nag-iisip ng masama. Maraming bata ang namulat sa karangyaan pero ano ang ginagawa nila? Karamihan nagfi-facebook nasaan ang kabataan pag-asa ng bayan? Andun sa kalye nagwewelga sa tuition fee hike, ano ba talaga ang problema natin? Sino ba talaga ang problema, ang mahihirap o ang mga mayayaman? Nakapag-aral o ang walang pinag-aralan. Education is the key to success? Seriously? Sino ba ang nagpapahirap sa atin, mga mahihirap ba o ang mga nakapag-aral. Tsk TSk, unending question, we propose answer but never a solution. And I think RH BILL is neither an answer o solution. The sanctity of sex will be gone, isn't it that the purpose of sex is to pro-create? If you use birth-control devices as the pro RH call it, to have sex, then sex is just for pleasure. I remember one time, way back in college, the best natural method in population control is to say NO to SEX.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

another day been thinking what will I right today, because there’s so many things in my brain right now. What’s happening to the forum that I am moderating but I guess that’s part of life, you met people with bad attitude, jumping to conclusion without gathering datas to support their judgment. Funny thing is, they pretend to be ok when it’s not, I can say it’s ok to pretend that you are fine, who knows you can convince yourself that you are really ok. But this is what I am going to say: Never blame other people for what had happened to you or to your relationship because you are the one who arte in that relationship not other people, respect your mate, obey your mate because that’s one factor that you love your mate by obeying his words. I’m not saying total obedience what I am saying is, if you want your relationship to last, at least obey and respect your partner.

Love is patience. I was watching Sara Geronimo and Gerald Anderson’s Catch Me I’m In-love last night, its quite a kilig movie, and there’s this line “Love is not that easy like a facebook status that you can change it anytime you want” I was sharing this because there’s someone I know that she fell for someone that she barely knows but two days? Seriously? Oh well love moves in mysterious ways but I guess easy to get, easy to lose. Sometimes, love and death are the same they are like theft, they will attack you even if you are not ready.

Choose the people around you, remember the Bible saying about friends, “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” this is true, no matter how good and noble person you are and you know that you are that kind of person, but you are hanging out with people with corrupted personality, you will be rotten also, like a fresh apple being mix with rotten apples.

Choose your words, wisely. Eat, Pray and Love, a quote from that movie, choose your word as you choose your dress. Master your thoughts, if you cannot master it, you will be in trouble. When I was younger, I really have a sharp tongue, that my words can kill a battalion of marines, and yes, I’ve always gotten myself in trouble, but as I grow maturely, I can now control my words. Meditation and prayer helps, and reading powerful quotes.

Mastering the word of God. That’s the only way you can defeat your enemy, internal or external. Everyday as I see people that makes my blood boil, I just close my eyes and remember what St. Paul says to the Corinth, Do not let your neighbor cause you into a sin. When I got mad, I’m really bad, and I don’t want my soul to suffer, that’s why it’s total control, and not to lose my grip to His Words but sometimes I lose myself, maybe it’s part of being my immaturity. I guess I should avoid people who are determined to put me down, what ya think? Hehehe yeah I know there’s so much more to share, but I am hungry now. Laterzzz