Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ah ranting

Browsing FB page is beneficial.  You learn a lot, from food, clothing, movies, songs, shoes, bags, fashion and a lot more.  But you cannot deny the fact that some friends or friends of your friends, sounds annoying, you bet. It's like you want to unfriend them, but your having a second thought, no, I love the way they annoy me, no, they're totally annoying and useless (no not useless in it's totality). There's this one post, well she posted her picture and commented on it, like, wweeee I'm so ugly don't laugh at me, duh???? I don't know but I really really want to know why she do that? Every time she posted her pic, she always say that, aaahhh I'm so ugly don;'t laugh at me, duh (roll eyes)
Second annoying thing, the picture of Jesus and Justin Bieber, this is gross, comparing the Son of God to a boy? I don't know but I got offended, Like if you love Jesus, ignore if you hate bieber. (another roll eyes)
Third, ladies who are looking for a possible bf or popularly known OTL (one true love). I am not that annoyed with this, but they really give me a good laugh.  Ladies posting their drama, that the pain of their last break-up was still there, that they want to know how he is, that she has difficulty moving on, she still care for him, blah blah blah.  But for FMD's sake that was 5 years ago, and that 5 years they have no communication!!!!!! Boy!!!!!! (roll eyes) Well let's not judge one's emotion.  But here;s my observation, having a lil bit of drama attracts the opposite sex attention, not all but some, right? (I'm speaking only to my place) I think this is one move where you can get someones attention, have some drama. (roll eyes)
My eyes is tired of rolling, I think I could use some sleep.

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